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A flood of new sanitising wipes into the UK market in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak has made it difficult for retailers to source the quality of product, supply chain and retailer support they need to impress demanding customers. 

That’s why we asked Antios founder Rick Calder to use a lifetime of experience sourcing and distributing goods for retailers to compile three pieces of essential advice for high street and online businesses struggling to make sense of all the ‘white noise’ in the current market.

Choosing a Sanitising Wipe Supplier: 1, Not all Wipes Are Created Equal

“With customer demand running high, it’s tempting to rush any product from almost any source onto the shelf.

“But a poor customer experience with a low quality, generic product not only cheapens your own brand but removes any chances of repeat sales.

“Instead, look for references to the actual formula used in the wipes themselves and examine the quality of the packaging. Customers are reassured by labelling showing the wipes come from a UK brand and have well-executing packaging with information about how the wipes themselves perform.”

Choosing a Sanitising Wipe Supplier: 2, Don’t Buy Into a Poor Supply Chain 

“Finding a batch of wipes shipped in from an overseas source can, of course, turn out to be more trouble than it is worth. 

“Putting customer perceptions of quality aside (see point 1), when ordering in replacement stock a retailer could find they have simply ‘kicked the can down the road’ and have been left without supplies or support. 

“Supply chain assurances mean one less thing on a retailer’s ‘to do’ list later, and avoidance of a sudden stop in availability, at a time when reliability at all stages is of huge value.”

Choosing a Sanitising Wipe Supplier: 3, Seek a Partnership, Not Just a Supplier 

“A supplier who simply drops various products to your door is a supplier who isn’t helping to make the products work hard for your business. 

“A partnership with a UK source with deep retail knowledge will, instead, bring the right support, future product launches, advice and speed of service a retail operation needs to turn a new product into a star performer.

Choosing a Sanitising Wipe Supplier: Introducing Antios

Rick also explained that his retail expertise and passion for higher standards in the supplier sector during these crisis led him to launch his Antios range of sanitising wipe products:

“Because this is such a challenging time for retailers we demanded the very best of ourselves for the launch of our premium, high-performance wipes.” 

Antios offers a ‘wipes…but better’ promise for retailers: 

1 assured supply chain, UK brand and UK base

2 day UK delivery

7 day reseller phone support line with email support

6 innovative product launches by end 2020 

Why partner with Antios? Introductory bulk offers are available PLUS access highly innovative products will be launching soon.

Request a trial packet of Fresh by Antios wipes to experience and examine the Antios difference.

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