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The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced schools, businesses and public bodies across the world to reassess their approaches to sanitation, hygiene and infection control. As we continue to learn more about the novel virus, it is critical that leaders across all sectors protect children, staff and families from its spread. At Antios, we’re proud to make our customers’ new normal as normal as possible with branded and customisable wipes.

In the post-lockdown world, businesses and organisations across a range of sectors have scrambled to equip their premises with appropriate sanitary equipment and cleaning products. Whilst we continue to learn more about the novel virus with every passing day, one fact is true: taking effective steps with antibacterial and disinfectant products can, and will play a vital role in humanity’s fight against the virus. At Antios, we firmly believe that responding to coronavirus doesn’t have to be a daunting, depressing and clinical experience. With this in mind, our customisable, branded packs of wipes can help make your new normal as normal as possible.

Branded Wipes with Antios

Whilst our behaviours must adapt to fight the virus, we must also remember that we are humans, each with our own qualities and preferences. When you agree to a rebranding package with Antios, you can combine the personality and benefits of your own developed brand with the superior-quality, multi-purpose appeal of our antibacterial wipes. 

At a time when trust in sanitary projects is of paramount importance, a rebranding deal with Antios will bring advanced and scientifically proven products to your brand along with the support and guidance of our expert team. The staff at Antios are on-hand to ensure reliable ongoing deliveries with a customer service offering that is unrivalled. Each and every one of our trained professionals are committed to building rebranding partnerships built on superior-quality antibacterial wipes products and customer satisfaction.

In the face of a market now attracting both high demand and lesser quality products, Antios offer bespoke, high-quality and totally personalised packaging which reflects your brand and all of the benefits that come with it. With reliable supply, fast delivery and first class service, you can even become an Antios distributor by simply contacting us to arrange your first batch of stock.

Applications of Antios Branded Anti-Bacterial Wipes

As we enter the new normal, we face unique challenges together. At Antios, we are proud to offer branded wipes that have strong applications in a number of areas:

  • Schools: Many schools across the world are providing children, staff and students with packs of antibacterial wipes to use on site. Antios welcome this precautionary measure and recommend that schools use their school badges, colours and crests as part of their own personalised packaging.
  • Corporate Environments: Business leaders across a range of sectors must take the right steps to protect their staff, as well as contractors and any visitors to premises. By entering into a rebranding deal with Antios, businesses and corporations can embed their logos and branding, fusing their corporate values with disinfectant products that work. 
  • Hospitality & Entertainment: A safe and hygienic approach will be instrumental to the safe reopening of the hospitality & entertainment industry. By supplying your staff and customers with branded wipes, you can allow your hospitality & entertainment venue to flourish as the social space it should be.
  • Sports Teams: Many sports have returned to a semblance of normality over recent weeks, with many indoor sports requiring the wearing of facial covers. At Antios, we recommend protecting your sports team with branded wipes featuring badges, crests and more. 

Branded Antibacterial Wipes: How Antios Can Help

Antios are leading suppliers of antibacterial and biodegradable wipe products, offering personalised, branded and totally customisable orders ranging from a single carton of wipes up to multiple pallet-loads. With extensive stock holding facilities, deliveries are completed within an average of 1-3 working days. To inquire about large, bulk-sized deliveries or to discuss how we can help your organisation enter the new normal with a rebranding deal, get in touch with our expert team today.

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