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controlling infection risk in schoolsAs we enter a new season, families across the UK, Ireland and Europe are preparing their children to face some strange and unfamiliar challenges. As we prepare to reopen schools, it is vital that we reassess our approaches to cleaning processes and infection control. In the latest blog from the team at Antios, we look at how we can keep our schools open with proper cleaning processes, highlighting some infection hotspots to look out for.

Before we share some advice around controlling infection risk in schools and classrooms, we’d like to highlight some important information about using antibacterial wipes safely and effectively:

  • Concentrate the effectiveness of your wipe: Antibacterial wipes are most effective when used across a small area of roughly one square meter. This allows the chemical properties of the wipe to concentrate effectively on the area. Without taking this approach, you can actually spread infection in your school or classroom as opposed to curtailing it. 
  • Catch it, bin it, kill it: This is a phrase that you should apply every day in your cleaning processes. Once used, antibacterial wipes should be disposed of in a bin and kept at a distance from food preparation and workspace environments, as well as naked flames.
  • Store your wipes properly: Prevent your wipes from drying out and losing their antibacterial properties by ensuring that they are properly sealed, storing the wipes in a cool, dry, flame-free storage environment.

Now that we’ve covered these antibacterial wipe essentials, we can discuss the cleaning and hygienic process in more detail. Keep reading to learn more!

Infection Control in the Classroom: 4 Top Tips

Cleaning and disinfecting your classroom regularly will play a vital role in our response to Covid-19. Below are some key steps you should take to ensure your school stays safe and open as we enter the new normal:

Focus on high-risk areas: Some areas are more likely to be hotspots for contamination than others. Whilst we continue to learn more about Covid-19 every day, early evidence that the virus survives and spreads particularly well on hard surfaces, and this can include desks, for example. It is equally important to note that desks, as well as doorknobs, banisters and handrails are frequently touched objects, meaning that they should be properly cleaned at least twice a day with products such as detergent or bleach.

Protect common areas: In order to keep your school open and safe, it is essential that we place a special focus on the cleaning and disinfection of common areas, which may include seating areas, receptions, kitchens and corridors. These areas should be free from clutter, with a preference of items that are easy to clean. The following advice from HSE is valuable:

“Put in place measures to clean surfaces and objects after each use where possible, for example phones and conferencing facilities in a meeting room. If it’s not practical to clean after each use, for example lift buttons that are used continuously throughout the day, make sure they are cleaned often.”

Protect classroom equipment: Whilst some surfaces and areas are frequently touched, the same applies to a variety of objects in the classroom, including books, pencils, pens and toys. If your classroom contains equipment like remote controls, fingerprint scanners or digital tablets, ensure these are cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day.

Protect yourself: In the midst of your Covid-19 cleaning operation, it’s easy to forget one of the most important guidelines: ensure that you protect yourself so that you can also protect others. This means ensuring the highest levels of personal hygiene; regularly cleaning your hands with approved products. You can take extra steps by wearing masks, visors and protective gloves.

Clearly define cleaning roles: Our response to Covid-19 requires a more focussed attitude towards cleaning. We advise against asking teaching or support staff to clean unless it’s in their job description. If you don’t have enough staff to clean all areas, raise this matter with your school or local authority as an urgent action.

Choose the right products: An increase in demand for hygiene and sanitary products has disrupted supply chains around the world, with a fall in product quality as a result. When you choose Antios, you can proceed with confidence that your supply is regular and products fully approved and certified.

Those wishing to learn more about cleaning & disinfection in schools and classrooms should consult the Government’s advice on cleaning of non-healthcare settings outside of the home. You can access the full resource here.

Protecting Schools and Classrooms: How Antios Can Help

Antios are leading suppliers of antibacterial and biodegradable wipe products, offering personalised, branded and totally customisable orders ranging from a single carton of wipes up to multiple pallet-loads. With extensive stock holding facilities, deliveries are completed within an average of 1-3 working days. To inquire about large, bulk-sized deliveries or to discuss how we can help your organisation enter the new normal with a rebranding deal, get in touch with our expert team today.

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