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House Cleaning

The outbreak of Covid-19 has rightly highlighted the importance of hygienic practice and infection control, with measures like mask wearing and social distancing forming critical elements of our ‘new normal’. Whilst the proper cleaning and disinfection of offices, classrooms and vehicles has been highlighted as an essential step in our response to the pandemic, it is equally important that we place a strong level of focus on cleaning the places we spend most time in: our homes. 

The team at Antios has previously shared advice on cleaning tips and infection control in schools, offices and other interior settings, and we recommend consulting our blog for further advice on cleaning & disinfection; including our guidance on using antibacterial wipes safely and what to consider when choosing an antibacterial wipe supplier. However, there are a number of reasons why we’ve decided to highlight the home as an area of emphasis:

  • The home is host to a number of hard surfaces, where Covid-19 has been shown to thrive;
  • The home contains a number of glass windows and fixtures, where the virus has a longevity of up to 96 hours;
  • We enter our homes after visiting public areas, including higher risk areas such as shopping malls;
  • Our homes often play host to visitors who may be at risk of transmitting or spreading viral infection;
  • The home is filled with interior spaces, highlighted as the riskiest environment regarding the spread of the virus; and
  • The home contains many frequently-touched areas such as doorknobs, handles and rails, representing a higher risk of contamination.

Our homes are unfortunately areas in which Covid-19 spreads with ease. However, our homes are also the centre of our family units and social lives, representing more than just a living space. With this in mind, Antios have shared some key steps to help our customers protect the space they love. 

Infection Control in the Home

There are a number of important steps we must take to control the risk of viral contamination in our homes. This must include following public health guidelines, including local lockdown measures. For advice on local lockdown measures and the current infection status in your postcode, please consult the UK Government’s guidance on local Covid alert levels. Meanwhile, for further advice on cleaning and disinfection measures, please consult the UK Government’s guidance on the cleaning of non-healthcare settings outside the home

So, how can we take steps to clean our homes properly and thoroughly in the midst of the pandemic? Keep reading to learn more.

Safe Storage & Protection of Cleaning Supplies

Pre-Covid, many cleaning professionals would advise keeping cleaning products gathered in a caddy, tote or bucket. This piece of advice was given based upon ease of access, saving cleaners time in looking for tools and gathering products. However, post-Covid, this piece of advice is more than just a step of convenience. Rather, it is a critical element of staying safe and protected when completing cleaning tasks. 

Cleaning products, including packets, bottles and clothes are commonly touched items, and are frequently touched after coming into contact with high-risk areas. This means that infection control can be improved by keeping these items together in an easily-cleaned container and out of reach of the rest of the family. Take precautions by regularly cleaning the bottles and handles of your cleaning supplies with alcohol-based antibacterial wipes. The same products can be used to clean your cleaning supplies caddy.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

This piece of advice may seem like common sense. However, this is a particularly important step to follow when we are cleaning and disinfecting our homes. Whilst our hands will be coming into regular contact with germs, bacteria and harmful pathogens, we will also be touching other areas of our homes, including doors, windows and handles. Without cleaning our hands regularly with soap & hot water we may actually spread infection across our homes as opposed to removing it. 

The most effective way to wash your hands is by using hot water and soap. However, hand sanitiser gels and antibacterial wipes can act as strong alternatives if you don’t have access to hot water and soap. Antios recommend using moisturisers or hand lotions to combat skin-drying effects.

Use Antibacterial Wipes Safely

Antibacterial wipes can act as strong lines of defense against coronavirus and come highly recommended when cleaning hard surfaces. However, there are a number of common errors we make when using these products which may actually aid the spread of infection rather than combating it. For Antios full resources on using antibacterial wipes properly and mistakes to avoid when using antibacterial wipes, please visit How to Use Antibacterial Wipes Safely and Mistakes to Avoid When Using Antibacterial Wipes.

When it comes to cleaning our homes, Antios have a number of recommendations to make around the safe usage of antibacterial wipe products:

  1. Concentrate the effectiveness of your wipe across 1 square meter
  2. Do not use one wipe to clean a number of areas of objects 
  3. Store wipes in a dry, cool area away from children and naked flames
  4. Catch it, kill it, bin it and don’t flush it!

Focus on High-Risk Areas & Understand Disinfection

Each week, Antios has highlighted ‘high-risk’ areas, and these areas will differ in nature depending on their setting. However, there are a lot of similarities here, regardless of whether you are cleaning a classroom, workplace or home setting. Put simply, all of these settings host commonly-touched items, including handles, windows, light switches and more. For added levels of protection, Antios recommends cleaning these areas with alcohol-based disinfectant wipes before properly disinfecting them with approved, effective cleaning products.

With this piece of advice, Antios would like to touch upon the differences between ‘cleaning’ and ‘disinfection’:

  • Cleaning is the removal of contaminants from a surface.
  • Disinfecting is the killing pathogens.

Antios recommend cleaning and disinfecting household settings regularly. For the highest levels of protection and infection control, we advise wiping areas down with multiple alcohol-based antibacterial wipes before disinfecting.

How Antios Can Help

Antios are leading suppliers of antibacterial and biodegradable wipe products, offering orders ranging from a single carton of wipes up to multiple pallet-loads. With extensive stock holding facilities, deliveries are completed within an average of 1-3 working days. To inquire about large, bulk-sized deliveries or to discuss how we can help your organisation enter the new normal, get in touch with our expert team today.


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