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supporting your seasonal rushAs we progress into autumn and make our way towards an uncertain winter, there has never been a greater emphasis on the importance of proper cleaning and disinfection processes. This is crucial, particularly given the United Kingdom’s entry into a second wave of coronavirus infections – as well as the increased seasonal likelihood of the flu. As the weather changes and demands for approved products mount, Antios are proud to support our customers through the winter season with a range of effective solutions.

Over recent weeks, we’ve highlighted the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic upon the quality of cleaning products across a number of categories, and this also applies to antibacterial and wet wipes. The truth is that an increased demand for these products has led to a marked decrease in overall product quality, with supply chains disrupted as manufacturers struggle to meet demand. This not only results in antibacterial wipe products with lower levels of alcohol, or in material that tears or degrades during use – not to mention highly irregular deliveries and refilling of inventory.

Here at Antios, we know that the challenges of today mean that our customers expect approved, effective and cost-effective wipe products, delivered on-time from a reliable and trusted supplier. That’s why we’ve focussed our efforts on offering an optimum service and product quality, helping our customers improve the standards of hygiene across their premises at all times of year – including through periods of increased seasonal demand.

Promoting Clean Spaces this Winter

Over recent months, we’ve been passionate about informing our followers and customers around the importance of hand hygiene and effective surface cleaning. As we enter colder months where infection risk may be higher, we’d like to recommend some of our own guidance around using antibacterial wipes to clean a range of settings:

We also host a blog which details How to Use Antibacterial Wipes Safely, as well as guidance on What to Consider When Choosing an Antibacterial Wipe Supplier. Whilst advice from the team at Antios makes a number of strong recommendations around the proper use of antibacterial wipes and the correct approach to the cleaning of hard surfaces, consumers should always consult the UK Government’s advice on the cleaning of non-medical settings for further guidance. 

There are a number of reasons why customers choose Antios. Keep reading to learn how we can help your school, business or public body stay safe and protected:

Packed with Benzalkonium Chloride

Quarternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs) have been consistently highlighted as playing an effective role in the combatting of protein-enveloped viruses and pathogens. Notably, these chemicals also have less irritating effects upon the skin, eliminating approximately 99.9 percent of bacteria without adverse dermatological effects. We’ve championed the disinfecting capabilities of Benzalkonium Chloride, and we’re proud to protect our customers with these handy compounds.

Kinder to Your Skin

We’ve just highlighted how benzalkonium chloride offers strong disinfectant properties whilst making lesser impacts upon the skin. However, we’re also proud to include glycerine into our formula – a natural humectant that retains and draws moisture into the skin. Consumers have long-decried the impacts of constant hand-washing since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we’re hopeful that our sensitive formula can help navigate this concern (for more advice, check out this useful resource on dry skin relief from Covid-19 handwashing from the American Academy of Dermatology).

Quick, Convenient Cleaning 

We’ve consistently highlighted the importance of cleaning and disinfecting hard-surfaces and commonly-touched areas throughout 2020. However, there are many situations where this level of sanitation might not be possible. Antibacterial wipes from Antios allow a quick and convenient method to remove dirt from contaminated surfaces before disinfection. Furthermore, our convenient pocket packs mean that your employees, visitors and other business stakeholders can take steps to protect themselves when using critical locations like door handles or elevator buttons. 

Environmental Awareness

Our long-term response to Covid-19 must involve a radical rethink of how we interact with the world around us. This is particularly important, given how respiratory illnesses and associated diseases have been directly linked with high incidences of pollution and poor air quality. At Antios, we’re proud to offer a range of products that prioritise sustainable materials that can break down naturally. Our biodegradable wipes, for example, create less pressure on our waterways by breaking down naturally, whilst also killing 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria including e.coli, listeria, H1N1 and Novovirus.

Your Business, Your Branding

At Antios, we’re passionate about helping our customers enter a new normal that is as normal as possible. Whilst our behaviours must adapt to fight the virus, we must also remember that we are humans with our own qualities and preferences. When you agree to a rebranding package with Antios, you can combine the personality and benefits of your own developed brand with the superior-quality, multi-purpose appeal of our antibacterial wipes. Whether you are a school, public body or corporate environment, we can supply your staff with branded wipe packs throughout the winter period.

How Antios Can Help This Winter 

Antios are leading suppliers of antibacterial and biodegradable wipe products, offering personalised, branded and totally customisable orders ranging from a single carton of wipes up to multiple pallet-loads. With extensive stock holding facilities, deliveries are completed within an average of 1-3 working days. To inquire about large, bulk-sized deliveries or to discuss how we can help your organisation enter the new normal with a rebranding deal, get in touch with our expert team today.

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