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biodegradable wipesHere at Antios, we’ve been working hard all year to bring our customers a steady and reliable supply of high-quality and industry-approved antibacterial wipe products. We’ve led the way in secure supply throughout the most challenging of times, keeping our customers protected with a range of generic and special branding deals. Now, we’re changing things up by adding our very own branded wipes to the range.

Don’t panic – we’re still offering our same inventory of products, packed with awesome antibacterial properties such as benzalkonium chloride. We’re adding to the Antios family by putting our very-own name on a range of our products. We’ve been changing things up over the past few months, and now our customers can distribute wipes to users who can now proceed with total confidence that they’re using a product by Antios: the UK’s trusted antibacterial wipe supplier.

You Know You’ve Got Antios

We’re not only passionate about keeping our customers’ hands clean and free from contamination. We’re equally as passionate about keeping their hands soft, supple and protected from dry, itchy skin with products that come packed with beneficial ingredients like Aloe Vera. That’s why we’re keen to serve more customers than ever as we continue to stay vigilant against the risks of Covid-19.

In order to make this a reality, the team at Antios would like to speak to anyone who is considering an inventory of antibacterial wipes. This includes:

  • Building and facility managers
  • Procurement professionals
  • Representatives from wholesalers
  • Representatives from retailers
  • School & educational leaders
  • Employers (business of all sizes)

Whilst we’re keen to distribute Antios branded wipes to satisfied customers across the UK, we’re also continuing with our highly popular branded packaging deals. Indeed, whether you represent a school, business or sports team, we’ve got the skill, inventory and expertise to supply you with approved wipes that are adorned with your own branding!

branded antios wipes

Get Safe, Get Branded

Like many businesses, Antios welcome news of a Covid-19 vaccine, which is to be rolled out across the United Kingdom over coming weeks. However, we must take care not to become despondent or overly relaxed when it comes to our own response to the virus. This means continuing to observe all public health guidelines, including those around regular handwashing, mask wearing and social distancing.

Employers and organisational leaders must continue to play a role in facilitating safe and hygienic environments. Antios are here to act as a reliable and approved supplier of antibacterial wipe products, pledging to equip our customers with our rapid delivery capabilities. We firmly believe that responding to coronavirus doesn’t have to be a daunting, depressing and clinical experience. With this in mind, our customisable, branded packs of wipes can help make 2021’s normal as normal as possible.

Antios offers a ‘wipes…but better’ promise for retailers: 

  • 1 assured supply chain, UK brand and UK base
  • 2-day UK delivery
  • 7-day reseller phone support line with email support
  • 6 innovative product launches by end 2020 


Discover Antios Wipes

In the face of a market now attracting both high demand and lesser quality products, Antios offer bespoke, high-quality and totally personalised packaging which reflects your brand and all of the benefits that come with it. With reliable supply, fast delivery and first class service, you can even become an Antios distributor by simply contacting us to arrange your first batch of stock.

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