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The winter holidays have nearly arrived and thousands of us will be taking a short break from the daily grind to relax and enjoy the festivities. However, this will be a winter holiday unlike any other, with the ongoing spread of coronavirus meaning unprecedented restrictions and a continued emphasis on social distancing, facial coverings and strong levels of hand hygiene

We know lots of our customers will be using more wipe products more than usual over the coming weeks, with uptake expected to increase as we spend more time in public spaces and moving between work and the home. With this in mind, it’s important that wipe users avoid the common mistakes that many make when using these products – in many cases impacting their infection control strategy and their cleaning process as a whole!

We’re helping our customers stay safe in their use of wipes throughout the holidays with some top advice. Follow our advice closely, and don’t forget to moisturise: after this year, your skin deserves it. 

Store Your Antibacterial Wipes the Right Way

Before we get into our advice on using your antibacterial wipe products properly, it’s important to think about where you’re going to store them. It’s vitally important to store your wipes in a cool, dry environment, and getting this step right is just as important as disposing of the product when you’re finished.

You should exercise caution when storing your wipes pack in a vehicle, and this is particularly important throughout the colder weather. Many car storage environments and trays are embedded within heating and air conditioning systems, drying and heating the contents of the tray at a rapid rate. This means that if you leave your wipe pack on the dashboard over a long journey, warm air could potentially dry out and destroy the integrity of the product.

Our second piece of advice around safe antibacterial wipe storage is to closely inspect the product’s outer packaging before transferring to a storage environment. Gently run your finger over the seal of your packet or container of wipes to ensure it is sealed properly. if the seal is left half open or is poorly attached, your wipes can, again, be dried out and rendered ineffective.

Our final piece of advice around wipe storage is to exercise caution around temperature and the presence of naked flames. Antibacterial wipe products – especially those containing alcohol – can present a significant fire hazard, whilst an overly warm environment can, and will dry your wipes out. 

Concentrate Your Wipe

One of the most commonly-seen mistakes in antibacterial wipe usage is in overspreading. But what do we mean by this? Essentially, ‘overspreading’ means using your wipes in an area beyond their effective reach (for example, using a wipe to clean a microwave, then a work surface, then a cupboard). If your wipes are to be truly effective, they must be concentrated within a small area of approximately one square meter, allowing all of our wipes’ amazing antibacterial properties to work acutely on that area.

This step isn’t about getting the most out of your wipe. It’s about health, safety and preventing the spread of Covid-19. By overusing your wipe, you can actually spread harmful viruses and bacteria instead of killing them. Avoid the sparing use of your antibacterial wipe product this festive season – no matter the cleanup job!

Dispose Your Wipe Safely

Our first piece of advice around disposing of your antibacterial wipe? Don’t flush it. This causes significant risks around pipe blockage and unwelcome pressure on sewage & water systems. Whilst wipes out there may be labeled as ‘disposable’, the flushing of antibacterial wipes is NOT recommended.

When it comes to disposing of your used wipes safely, it’s simple: catch it, bin it, kill it. Antibacterial wipes should be disposed of in a bin, kept at a distance from food preparation or workspace environments. Users of antibacterial wipes should also take care to dispose of their wipes in an environment free of naked flames – because safety should always be the priority. 

Stay safe this winter with Antios Wipes. Reach out to us if you have any further questions about the safe, hygienic and responsible use of our products. 

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