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Antios Antibacterial Alcohol Wipes

Manufactured using pure 70% isopropyl alcohol, Antios Antibacterial Alcohol Wipes are a fast and convenient way to clean and disinfect both skin and surfaces with proven bactericidal and virucidal performance, effective against 99.9% of germs, bacteria and fungus.

In high concentrations, alcohol kills bacteria and viruses by breaking them down at a cellular level and this process usually takes less than a minute, making alcohol wipes an ideal choice when clinical-grade sanitisation is required quickly, or on the move.

Antios Antibacterial Alcohol Wipes can be used to cleanse the hands as well as wide range of surfaces, from medical equipment to items that commonly carry germs, such as phones, computer keyboards and door handles. They should not be used in manufacturing or industrial environments if there is a risk of extreme heat, sparks or naked flames.

These wipes are unfragranced and supplied in a soft, resealable pouch. The wipes measure 150x100mm and are available in packs of 15, 48 and 102 wipes.

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